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Machining solution for engineers

Based in Clawson, Michigan our work in Automotive, Defense and Aerospace is helping our customer provide a better product to their end customer. The foundation of our business rests on our dedicated employees who commit to providing superior service and exceptional products to every customer.

Our mission is to be a leader in the area of design and manufacturing. We pledge to meet the needs of our clients with the highest degree of service, quality, safety and integrity.

Our Creative Team

We are a diverse group of highly skilled, highly trained professional trades people and craftsmen are our greatest asset.

Our employees are always at the top of their fields as ongoing training and a commitment to teamwork are a priority at Four Way Industries. Along with a skilled and experienced team of engineers and project managers who have long been recognized by their peers as some of the best in the industry.  Guided by our management team which helps Four Way step up to every challenge, build success and shape our commitment to excellence.


Automated Leak and Flow Testing, Sub Component Assembly, Quality Control

Custom Items

We invite you to design your custom parts using the services we provide. Including: Castings (Aluminum, Iron, Brass), CNC Machining, Assembly, Casting Impregnation, Grinding


The advantages of Impregnation include: Pressure Tightness, Excellent Plateability and Machinability

Quick Quote

Need a price quote for a custom part?

We offer Machining, Assembly, Casting Impregnation and Grinding.

Great Experience

FOUR WAY INDUSTRIESΒ has been delivering results since we opened in 1998. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

855 Rochester Rd
Clawson, MI 48017Β
T. (248) 588-5421
F. (248) 588-5474

Four Way Industries
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Four Way Industries
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